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Theta Mastery

Discover how learning Theta Mastery can help your life.

Deep inside all of us a huge potential beckons. We hear the whispering
of our own soul calling us, to be all that we are here to be, but often
feel trapped, unable to identify our purpose, satisfy our desires or
access our greatness, instead feel blocked in fear and anger,
frustration and depression, many of these emotions revealed in
debilitating limitations and illnesses in our body.

Theta Mastery is about freedom, freedom to design and live your life
the way you dream life could be.

Imagine landing on a solution that catapults you into the life you wish
for. In the Theta Mastery program we give you tools for living, tools
for life.

We connect you to your inner knowing, to create harmony and
transformational new beginnings. We give you the tools to be all that
you can consciously be - and when you arrive at that place you will
discover more.

We bring to you the secrets to abundance and prosperity, passion and
the truth of unconditional love connecting you with your spirit to
improve your health and enhance your every relationship.

Theta Mastery is not about beating yourself up - we have all done
enough of that!
It is a gentle process, revealing where you got stuck/confused and
how parts of life and/or business became dysfunctional. This Mastery
program is about empowerment and accessing your courage, to
bravely move forward.

We teach you how to develop your intuitive, to see with your mind -
your knowing, what others miss with their eye, you then begin to find
answers to your deepest questions - recognize and begin to be your
total potential.

Throughout the process, the two sides of the brain learn to function
as one, it is then that your experience of reality becomes different.

Our founder and director Sylvia Marina, developed a easy step by step
model (learning process) to explore and understand your brain pattern
energy. In Thtea Mastery we guide you to consciously journey from
the BETA brainwave pattern into ALPHA (right brain function) and then
to the powerful THETA frequency (whole brain) where you truly
experience positive change, ultimately connecting through the DELTA
brainwave to your own soul energy.

This connection is not an illusive butterfly experience. Once you learn
the pathway to connect to the infinite spirit of you, your life becomes
different, you discover truth, peace of mind and become a living light
of quintessential energy.

Sylvia Marina discovered the pathway of quickly and easily accessing
the Theta and Delta frequencies, whilst conducting health retreats for
cancer people and further developed the technique for students,
business executives and hundreds of people who attended her clinic
and seminars.

" I wanted this to be easy for everyone to learn, I wanted people
who learn it to be able to go home and teach their children, I am
amazed at how effortlessly people of all ages and from all walks of life
and levels of education could access this knowledge and turn their
dreams into reality".

Using Theta Mastery people access infinite wisdom, a wisdom that can
reveal emotional patterns, including imbedded ancestral patterns
stored in your unconscious cellular memory, resolve and completely
clear those old issues so that you are free to begin the process of
healing naturally - set yourself free.

"Working with people from many and varied walks of life I am
delighted that Theta Mastery attracts people from the helping
professions. It enhances both traditional and alternative modalities
and professionals report an increase in referrals demonstrating the
significant benefits, people experience. I have many, many
experiences for you to learn and discover."
Sylvia Marina.

When you register in our Mastery programs you step into an
empowering journey.

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When the two
sides of the
brain learn to
function as one
then our
experience of
reality is