Founder & Director

Touching the lives of thousands of people around the world, Sylvia
Marina is a living inspiration of the Mastery programs she created.

Discovering the truth of who you are is an unquantifiable joy, a
euphoria with no real words to describe it Every day becomes a new
joy transforming into a profound peace. Like the gentle continuum of
breath, life becomes a discovery of new joy which when allowed
becomes, our peace.
" Sylvia Marina

From Cancer Retreats to Corporate boardrooms Sylvia Marina is a
leading transformationalist in the exploration of human consciousness.
A natural vibrant teacher, she is a talented international conference
speaker and seminar leader, change consultant, keynote speaker,
author, theta coach, mentor and professional face profiler.

Her career qualifications include Health and behavioural Sciences,
Professional Kinesiology, Hypnosis and Wholistic Life Skills Management,
and more than twenty five years holistic clinical experience. She
devoted much of her personal time to working with youth, designing
programs to help them with their study and life journey.
She is a former Silva lecturer.
Retiring from full time clinical practice Sylvia lives her dream of 'bringing
joy to others' through enabling them to discover their true-self (not
the person others want them to be) helping them to make their life a
fantastic reality.

"The wonder, of knowing who you are is a tremendous experience.
The ability to fully live your life and fulfill your every potential and
capacity is a lifetime present we gift ourselves".
Sylvia Marina

Born in New Zealand of Maori parentage, Sylvia resides in Perth,
Western Australia and travels with spirit teaching people the gentle
process of caring for their own soul and the body that it's cradled in.
Her presence and quiet assurance invites you to listen and drink from
her many experiences from orphaned days of childhood to her exciting
and dynamic life today. She is a true inspiration teaching you to work
from the heart, healing your ancestral hurts and damaged DNA, identify
and remove the masks to become all that you desire.

The Mastery techniques she developed as she worked to heal her own

Growing up between two cultures, her many, many childhood
experiences proved to her again and again that she had something
different. She realised that she is a natural intuitive and a desire began
to burn within her to develop a way in which people of all ages and
cultures could learn to access their blueprint of life for true healing of
their body and soul.

She is a leader of body and soul healing, and is one of life's truly
inspirational souls who is fortunate to find and live her truth. Sylvia
brings her work to individuals and businesses. She believes for you to
be truly successful in business you must firstly experience personal
mastery and joy.

Her interactive workshops and retreats are woven with fun, music and
humour, the all-important fundamentals for breakthrough learning and
positive change.

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