What is Theta
Just as your heart beats many times a minute, your brain emits a
certain number of vibrations, or brainwave cycles per second.
The four brain-rhythm patterns are called Beta, Alpha, Theta and

The Beta level is the level in which you live, eat and work most of the
time. In Beta, the mind focuses on things on the physical dimension,
the physical senses: time, space, intellect, belief, reason. Beta is
where you also experience stress, tension, depression, self-doubts,
emotional outbursts. It's where you experience negative thinking.
Beta is left brain driven.

The Alpha level is the level in which the mind is focused on inner levels
of power and awareness. Alpha is the source of inspiration, intuition
and creativity. The mind is free from the worries and frustrations of
the physical world. The average person operates in this level only in
rare fleeting moments of strong emotion or deep thought.

The next level is Theta. For most, people relate to the Theta as the
sleep level.
It is in this brain pattern vibration that we teach people to learn
conscious disconnection of the body and the mind, so there's little
awareness of physical sensations.
In Theta meditation you can access your "beyond everyday thinking"
mind to envision the future and discover extraordinary inspiration and
Through learning how to use and implement the Theta brainwave
pattern we learn how to simply and easily turn dreams into reality,
achieve our goals and become the person we have the capacity to be
- each time we achieve we take ourselves to greater dimensions.

The slowest incredibly important level of brain pattern energy is the
Delta level. This is the level of the unconscious. It's the area of very
deep sleep; an area of total physical rest and regeneration. At her
Mastery retreats Sylvia Marina teaches you how to consciously enter
the delta brainwave pattern to change dysfunctional energies, beliefs,
experience breakthoughs the change your life patterns for-ever and
begin healing at the deep unconscious cellular level.

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What we gain from the power of Theta
Modern research shows that frequent meditation creates balance
between the two hemispheres of the brain.
The most powerful ability you can develop is that of deliberately
changing your brain level functions, and when you develop that skill
you can change any negative programming buried in your unconscious.
Through Mastery In Theta International programs you can experience
the amazing phenomena of quickly and easily accessing Beta, Alpha,
Theta and Delta thus enabling both sides of your brain to function in
The benefits are far reaching - balance the mind balance the body,
career, relationships and more.

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Master the art of meditating deeper that Theta
Learn the secrets to abundance and prosperity, improve your health,
enhance your relationships and reconnect with your spirit.
Discover passion, unconditional love and deep inspiration.
In Delta, make the most significant changes in your whole-life including
ancestral healing, anger, cancers, habits and addictions.
The principal processes can be applied to business, personal
management and in healing the physical body. The more tension
between the logical and creative sides of the brain, the more we have
feelings of separation, anxiety and fear. Such thought patterns result
in dysfunctional behaviours. In Delta simply and easily reduce stress
and tension. Mastery In Theta International offer the following
programs to teach you how to focus and utilize your multiple
intelligence's by accessing specific energies in the Theta and Delta
brain-pattern energy.

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Mastery in Theta level 1
This first step program gently introduces you to a new way of
understanding your life and the directions it can take.
Understand brain wave patterns and the power of working in Theta.
Grasp the simplicity of spirit development and physical healing.
* Heal grief and deep wounds - to the deep wounds of the soul
* Develop new recall & study skills
* Manage anger
* Learn to look inside the body for areas that require healing then
activate that healing
* Experience permanent life changes

Host a program in your area or attend a scheduled date.

Note: when you attend a Mastery retreat, Mastery in Theta 
level 1, 2 and 3 are included


Mastery in Theta level 2
Pre requirement Mastery in Theta 1

Work with master educator and spiritual psychologist, Sylvia Marina
pioneering 'next generation' techniques to transform your life.

* Explore deep in Theta then consciously journey into Delta
* Connect to and understand your body and genetic story including
your DNA strands, heal damaged cells and tissues
* Ancestral healing techniques exploring your maternal and paternal
timelines, cancers, addictions, anger - change inappropriate behavior
* Learn why some diseases re-develop
* Activate deep chakra energy to discover more
* Enhance performance using your "whole brain"
* Align with your soul purpose and learn useful skills for soul centered
living that will support you for the rest of your life
* Transform and empower your life through this beautiful journey of
self discovery.



Mastery Retreats with Sylvia Marina
No pre requirement

* Includes accommodation, all meals plus Mastery in Theta level 1
and 2 (see above).
Experience, additional interactive sessions, group discussions,
conversations with Sylvia and take home support materials.

This is a life changing experience.
Minimum age 14 years. All youth under 18 years of age must be
accompanied by a participating adult family member.


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DAY MASTERY PROGRAM with Sylvia Marina no pre requirement
Mastery in Theta level 1 & 2 (see above)
Additional interactive sessions, group discussions
Light refreshments and lunch
Take home support materials.

All youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a
participating adult family member (no children)

Family and group booking discount available.
Consider HOSTING a program in your area


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No pre requirement. Includes Mastery in Theta level 1 & 2 plus

*Thought provoking presentations, relaxations, discussions, group
interactions, activations, gentle integration exercises.
* Accommodation, meals, juices.
* All the five day Mastery program with additional time for self

Transforming DNA Memories in Theta & Delta
With Kinesiology Techniques.
No pre requirement.

This four day program gives participants skills to guide clients and
facilitate change through connecting to the deep brainwave energy

* Clearing trans-generational negative memory - beyond known history
* Accessing ancestral memory & knowledge
* Working beyond known time of cause
* Connecting to and work with
* Divine Spirit/Universal Consciousness
* Creating change beyond cellular memory
* Host a program in your area email admin@thetamastery.com

Educator / Coach Training
With Sylvia Marina - pre requirement Mastery in Theta level 2.

This four day program is specifically designed for multi skilled Wellness
Health Practitioners, Life coaches and People desiring to commence or
expand their career.
Includes: Transforming DNA Memories in Theta & Delta, Kinesiology
Techniques, NLP Skills, Real Life Live Case Studies.
Add these skills to your current practice or commence a new career.

Host a program in your area email admin@thetamastery.com or contact
our office for the next dates.


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Facilitator/Teacher Training
With Sylvia Marina

To call the Mastery in Theta International Facilitator Training Program
thorough and comprehensive would be a huge understatement.
It is an extraordinary, breakthrough experience - the benefits last a

At the successful completion of this training you will be certified to
present Mastery in Theta level 1 with the opportunity to apprentice to
Sylvia to eventually graduate to a Mastery in Theta level 2 presenter.

Additional Kinesiology training is available to instruct Transforming DNA Memories.

Woven through the program are strategies for personal and
professional growth including techniques for stress management.

This action packed program is challenging, fun and includes the
abundance program, flower essence workshop, public speaking,
communication skills, physiognomy and more.

Be the first in your area  to graduate as a Mastery

Contact Sylvia for a pre-training interview - in person or


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Empowerment and self growth for professional people

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to sail through life with
a tail wind? Your brain is well endowed with electrical potential and this
program will teach you how to access specific neurotransmitters in
your brain that will increase your memory and mental capacities.

These skills will enable you to create the results that you desire.

Individual programs design specifically for corporate management,
business people, team leaders, sports people, students and youth.

* Accomplish goals you never dreamed possible
* Have clarity and vision in your personal and business life
* Stop unproductive mind racing develop your creativity
* Eliminate stress, experience true joy and humour in your life
* Get the results you want and move on to live an amazing life
* Business and sport today are approximately 20% technique and
mechanics. We concentrate on getting the other 80% in balance - the
mind. Learn how to live your dreams and fulfill your ambitions.


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We can't build a future for our youth but we can prepare our youth for
their future.

Mother & Daughter Program
age group 10 - 110 Years
Our lives are woven with poignant colours that for the framework of
our life. In growing we build our own model of who we want to be,
sometimes creating painful misunderstandings. This weekend we create
a safe place for communication, a place were love listens.


Who attends our Programs
Our programs create an interplay between many fields of knowledge
and activities. We enable you to explore the realms of your concerns,
stirring the conscious and unconscious blood and passion of attendees,
empowering you to experience life-changing transformation.

Business People enhance their ability to work productively and
positively with change and complexity.

Educators and Trainers find new energy, vision and practices for
helping any age group develop their full potential.

Health & Healing Professionals expand their understanding of the
body/mind/spirit connection and new ways of facilitating wellbeing.

Politicians and Public Servants become open to and supported in their
search for alternative systems and structures for the future in the
world economy.

Managers and Consultant s discover fresh resources to elicit inclusive
visions and support the development of organizations as learning

Artists and Writers access more deeply the creative source of their
work and its significance for the spirit journey today.

People in Transition are empowered to find their own capacities to
'make happen' their next steps.

People Concerned about Human Depth find new means for imaging,
evoking and nurturing spirituality and care for our planet.

Parents become better parents. Partners become better partners.

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